Mystery Math Abstractions

Exercises Overview

While my projects rely more on Ruby, HTML/CSSand SQL, these exercises predominantly use JavaScript.

Class Grades w/ abstractions (JavaScript): Computes summary statistics from a pool of class scores using abstractions.

Longhand (JavaScript): Converts an array of shorthand number ranges into an array of the integers represented by their longhand range equivalents.

The following exercises all deal with String Encryption, but the difficulty, strategy, and methods used vary.

Fibonacci (JavaScript): Uses recursion to construct an array of Fibonacci numbers until it determines the index of the first Fibonacci number for a given number of digits.

Splice (JavaScript): serves as a custom Array.prototype.slice() method.

8 Point Star (JavaScript): Constructs an 8 point star of a given width/height.

Mystery Math (JavaScript): Replaces a certain character for 0-n subject strings, only throwing a error if provided an argument of a different type.

Mystery Math Abstractions